Night Vision+ FREE

Night Vision+ FREE 1.5

Take pictures like an undercover spy


  • Three different color tints to choose from


  • Doesn't actually work in the dark
  • Pictures are low quality
  • Pop-up ads are a bit intrusive

Not good

Night Vision+ FREE is an app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that simulates night vision in your photo-taking endeavors.

Somewhat like the popular photo effects program Instagram, Night Vision+ FREE makes it look like you've taken your pictures through night vision goggles. You can choose from three different colored tint settings (red, blue, or green) and even change the appearance of photos you've already taken on your mobile device to one of Night Vision+ FREE's default settings.

Unfortunately, you can't actually take undercover pictures in the dark with this app. Simulation is the only thing Night Vision+ FREE does. Plus, with only three different tint settings, it's easy to get bored with the app pretty quickly and decide to move on to something more interesting.

Another issue comes in with the incessant pop-ups this app comes included with. While it's not altogether unexpected for a free mobile app to come with ads, usually they sit at the bottom or the top of your mobile screen. The pop-ups come frequently enough to be a nuisance to many users.

Night Vision+ FREE provides a couple minutes of fun but doesn't really deliver in terms of providing long-term, genuine entertainment.

Night Vision+ FREE


Night Vision+ FREE 1.5

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